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          “Traditional work and career paths are being challenged,” he said. “What does this mean for college graduates entering the workforce and how can they prepare for new employment models?” 

          Kearns, along with his wife, Maureen, launched the lecture series in 2013 to highlight diverse perspectives on global business matters. Each year, Kearns brings a panel of business leaders to engage with the St. Bonaventure community. 

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          Joining Kearns on the panel will be:

          布莱恩·卡恩斯, vice president and CFO of BH Aircraft Co., a leading manufacturing company serving the aerospace and defense industries. Kearns began his career with the global professional services firm Ernst & Young, serving in the firm’s Audit and Advisory practice. In his 15 years with the company, Kearns participated in multiple international tours, bringing his experience to locations throughout Europe and the Middle East. 

          DONARD页。盖纳, a retired senior executive of Beam Global Spirits & Wine. Gaynor held a crucial role in Beam’s IPO and also served as a chief executive of Beam International. Additionally, he is a former senior executive of Seagrams and a PricewaterhouseCoopers Partner. Gaynor has held global roles throughout his career, including extensive time in the Asia/Pacific region.


          She currently serves on Aon’s Diversity and Inclusion Board and is on the Board of GrowthSource Academy, a nonprofit organization supporting women entrepreneurs. 

          Following the panel discussion, Kearns and his team will open the floor to a Q&A session. 


          As in past years, the discussion will be live streamed at www.czszylhls.com/KearnsLecture. 

          The event is free and open to the public. Kearns and his team welcome local businesspeople to attend. 


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